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Spring Training Game Thread: 3/16 Padres vs. Angels

I'm sitting here eating some fruit snacks.  I wish Fruit Snacks were the official snack of Major League Baseball instead of peanuts and Cracker Jacks.  If I was the baseball commissioner, that's the first change I would make.  After that I'd do away with the mound.

Line up courtesy of the SDPadres twitter:

Durango 8, Eckstein 4, Stairs 3, Torrealba 2, Denorfia 9, Cunningham 7, Forsythe 5, Zawadzki 6, Garland 1

Corey Brock has the pitchers:

The pitchers: Garland will go four innings followed by Thatcher (1), Russell (1), Adams (1) and Stauffer (2).