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Maple Bats Revisited

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Bob Scanlan just wrote an impassioned blog post about the danger of the continued use of maple bats.

I understand his frustration, Major League Baseball knows about the problem, but instead of acting on the problem to protect players, umpires and fans they drag their feet.

MLB’s response?  More studies, of course! More studies to investigate the affects of grain angles, moisture content, and wood density.  More committees to review policy on bat handle thicknesses.  More meetings to discuss every option OTHER than obvious, sensible, and prudent solution…banning Maple bats from use in competition.

In 2008 Sandy Alderson was put in charge of a committee of nerds to study the problem to death.  They made nine recommendations and upgraded bat policies were supposed to be put in place by 2009.  Whatever those nine recommendations were, they aren't working.

Scanman continues...

Whatever the reason, it is now beyond simply being short sided and irresponsible – the term now is becoming criminal recklessness.

Here is Gaslamp Ball's unscientific solution to the Maple Bat problem, simply change the rules so that if a bat breaks the batter is out.  Batters will start using different bats real quick when they see their averages fall.