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Spring Training Game Thread: 3/15, Padres vs. Giants

I caught a few innings of the game yesterday and listened to pretty much the whole game on Saturday.  It's been nice watching the Padres offense rally back when they get behind. It's been fun knowing that any moment the team can hang a few runs on the board.

You know what makes me nervous? Girls, quizzes, cats and creepy music. You know what else? Moving the games back to Petco Park.  Is this team better offensively or is this just because they are hitting minor league pitching in a smaller park.?

I admit I'm totally psyched out by Petco Park.  I get real nervous that we are incapable of scoring inside that monstrosity.  It's like an offensive black hole.  Just the thought of watching a season full of 0-1 games makes me feel sick to my stomach.

Hopefully Hoyer and crew have found the right formula for our ballpark.

Here's the line up for tonight courtesy of Corey Brock:

Gwynn 8, Hairston Jr. 4, Gonzalez 3, Blanks 7, Headley 5, Venable 9, Hundley 2, Cabrera 6, Latos 1. Gallagher now Wednesday.

The game will be on Channel 4.