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GM Jed Hoyer makes first Padres roster moves

XX Sports Radio: Jed Hoyer Interview (MP3) with Darren Smith

  • Hoyer wants to play night games the last week of Spring Training to get the players accustomed to the regular season.  He's going to try and make it happen next year.
  • The Padres made 7 roster moves today. In the next week they'll make another 10-12 moves.  They started camp at 54 players and they need to start cutting back and making decisions.
  • Steve Garrison, Craig Italiano, Aaron Poreda, Cesar Ramos were optioned. Michael Collins, Jackson Quezada and Mitch Canham were reassigned.
  • Hoyer is separating players that are Major League ready and those that are still prospects.
  • Former CEO Alderson put an emphasis on OBP and controlling the strike zone and Hoyer agrees with that.  Hoyer didn't think the Alderson era teams were athletic enough.
  • The Padres are really putting an emphasis on stealing bases and going from 1st to 3rd during Spring Training.  They are trying to be aggressive on the bases. The coaches have been working on big leads and good jumps.
  • The Padres are saving up home runs for the regular season.
  • There is no correlation between Spring Training stats and Regular Season stats.
  • Matt Antonelli has surprised Hoyer and has played terrific on both offense and defense.  Luis Durango gets fans and scouts excited. Logan Forsythe is a young player that has made big impact.
  • Mat Latos and Sean Gallagher are scheduled for 4 innings tonight. Latos will either start in San Diego or in Portland.  Gallagher will move to the bullpen if he doesn't make the starting rotation.
  • Jon Garland and Clayton Richard have both had one bad outing.  Hoyer isn't the least bit concerned about them.
  • Hoyer guesses he'll root for SDSU in the NCAA tournament.