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Padres error in the bottom of the 10th lets A's win 10-9

Son of a b__tch!

I get so angry when the Padres lose to the A's. Especially when it's an A's split squad team. If there is one team the Padres never have an excuse to lose to it's the A's split squad. 

I have a completely irrational hatred of the Oakland A's now.  It all started last year, I was minding my own business and walking to my car after the Padres lost to the A's at Petco Park.  That's when a couple of their fans started doing a gay little A's cheer in front of me. I almost lost my sh_t but cooler heads prevailed and instead I decided I would focus all of my hatred and anger at their team forever more. Also full disclosure, I went home and cried.  It's not a good story, but it's true.

In today's game Kevin Correia started the sh_t storm by allowing 3 runs.  In the third inning the Padres rallied back to tie the game. Those mother effer's from Oakland scored another two runs and it was 5-3 in the 4th. 

Chase Headley wasn't about to let a suck team like the A's beat him so he knocked in another run, making it 3 RBI's for the day. Now it was 5-4 A's.

In the 9th the Padres fell behind 4-8 with no chance of coming back... until they rallied for 5 runs and took a 9-8 lead!

Then Simon Castro decides to give up a home run to some nobody. Ugh.

The managers agreed before the game that they wouldn't play more than 10 innings.  All the Padres had to do was preserve the tie and avoid an embarrassing loss.

The A's loaded the bases and Buddy Black started his wizardry by moving three infielders to the right side and 2 to the left. 

So there we were the score tied 9-9 in the bottom of the 10th with 2 outs and a full count.  The A's hit a grounder to the right side where Mitch Canham bobbled it but recovered and flipped it too far away from Ryan Webb who was covering and let the A's win.