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Around the Mission: 3/13 Padres Links

  • The Official Blog of Matt Antonelli: GAMES 7, 8, and 9
    "Hey Matt, can you sign this guy's leg?" I finally looked up and saw a prosthetic leg being held out for me to grab. It was officially my first leg every signed and am pretty sure there is a good chance it will be my last.

  • Bob Scanlan - Padres 2010 "IF" list: Part III – lineup
    "Here’s the good news…no, the GREAT news for the 2010 Padres lineup – NONE of their "IFs" include an aging veteran! This team was finally able to make a commitment to youth and athleticism by the second half of last season"

  • Unfinished Business: Getting Ready For The Season!
    "I'm soooo thrilled with this team right now, even if we're like 2-6. I'm seeing things that really matter on this team. Defense, baserunning, determination, perseverance, aggressiveness. The attitude around this team is completely different than anything I've felt from them before."

  • PADRES: No global distraction for Padres this spring
    "It was a ton of fun," Gonzalez said. "We didn't have much of a break, and the travel was tough, but we played everything at game speed. And I liked that. "In spring training, you don't play games with a lot of intensity. You're trying to get your work in, trying to stay healthy, trying to get ready for opening day."

  • Who's your Padre?: Padres primer: 3/13/10
    I mentioned before the story I did on Simon Castro, with the correct pronunciation of his first name (see-Moan). Someone else has asked me about Cory Luebke. It's pronounced Kore-ee. Just kidding.

  • Antonelli shines, but Friars fall to Rangers | News
    Matt Antonelli continued his strong spring showing with a trio of base hits, but Clayton Richard struggled, allowing six runs in two frames in Friday's 6-2 loss to Texas.

  • Prickly start for Padres in Cactus -
    "Clayton couldn’t find his release point," Black said. "He struggled with that on all his pitches. Hopefully, the next time out he’ll get his stuff back like he is capable."

  • "Kouz missing as A's host Padres" by Padres Scorecard
    The A’s have split their squad Saturday and the Padres former third baseman is with the half that headed for Scottsdale to play the Giants.

  • Castro raising eyebrows around camp | News
    Simon Castro, in his first Major League camp, has been impressive early in Spring Training both in games and bullpen sessions. The big right-hander, who won't turn 22 until April 8, has been the talk of camp.

  • Collins proud of Australian roots | News
    Normally, San Diego catcher Michael Collins wouldn't take much issue with manager Bud Black's chosen form of light-hearted punishment for minor clubhouse infractions -- a modest helping of Vegemite.