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Most famous body hair in San Diego Padres history

Still #1
Still #1
  1. Steve Garvey's forearm hair. He had forearms like Popeye and forearm hair like Zeus.
  2. The Swinging Friar's tonsure. I didn't know his shaved scalp was called a tonsure either.
  3. Bruce Bochy's mustache and white eyelashes. Most people probably would point to Bochy's mustache as his most recognizable and famous body hair, but if you were ever lucky enough to get close to the legendary manager you'd first notice that one set of his eye lashes were pristine white like a unicorn's mane.
  4. Khalil Greene's blonde hair. Khalil's hair was as flat and lifeless as his personality but somehow those few strands of dry whispy hair sticking out the back of his ball cap put fans in the seats at Petco and Khalil into the hearts of many teenage girls.
  5. Ken Caminiti's goatee and chest hair. In the mid to late 90's every guy in San Diego tried to grow the Cammy goatee, some succeeded, but nobody could replicate his perfect chest hair.
  6. Trevor Hoffman's ultra short goatee. How many times did we see an extreme close up of Hoffman's flesh colored goatee with a little bit of spit and chew stuck in it during a save situation?
  7. Rollie Fingers' mustache. Fingers' waxed mustache was a desperate cry for attention, but it has kept him famous all these years.
  8. Ozzie Smith's sideburns. Here's a little known fact: Ozzie never would have been able to do those back flips in the early days if his sideburns didn't help him roll, acting like a jet's aerilons.
  9. Randy Jones' Afro. I don't think anybody is still alive that saw the Afro in person, but oh the stories they could tell.

You tell us what #10 should be. Did any Padre have extreme neck hair? A good mullet? Inverted sideburns? Messy pubes?