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Kevin Youkilis shaved, stop the presses!

I was listening to Jim Rome yesterday and he was talking about how Kevin Youkilis shaved off his disgusting beard. If you have some sort of weird chin or beard fetish you can watch a time lapse video of the shaving

Even with the time lapse they take forever.  I'd bring in a champion sheep sheerer and have it done in about 2 seconds.

Apparently Youklis is going to let fans decide his facial hair situation this season.  If I had to cast a vote for his face hair, I'd vote for a disgusting soul patch and for him to let his uni-brow to grow back in.

The Master of Ceremonies took things a bit too far proclaiming:

"By far, the most memorable piece of body hair in Boston sports history," Hill said

I don't think his goatee is even the most famous body hair on the Red Sox.  You've got Manny's dreadlocks and Johnny Damon's hair/beard combo that were much more famous.