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Benito Santiago: On a scale from Zero to Tony Gwynn

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The Zero to Tony Gwynn scale is a rating of a Padres' importance to the San Diego Padres and their fans. The scale works to determine the relative importance of a particular Padre based on the assumption that Tony Gwynn is the perfect representation of the San Diego Padres.

Over the course of 6 full seasons with the Padres, Benito Santiago won the NL ROY, 4 Silver Sluggers, 2 Gold Gloves and was a 4 time All-Star. That's darn good.

He started his career with the Padres, played his best years with the Padres and spent more time with the Padres than with any other team in his career.

He didn't do a whole lot else over the rest of his career, so all's I can imagine is that his heart literally broke when he was forced to leave the Padres while the team was literally owned by Satan. I mean, think about those credentials. If he stayed with the Padres, then all that I can reasonably figure using logic and determination is that he would've been a Hall of Famer.

The Padres were to Benito Santiago what the yellow sun is to Superman. But for the Zero to Tony Gwynn scale, does it really count for anything? Maybe? It's gotta count for something, right?


Also, those Shutter Island commercials are scary, right? If I was heckling somebody at a game and a bald headed woman in a dirty bathrobe stood up a shushed me like Shutter Island, I would pee my pants and not heckle nobody no more.