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Gaslamp Ball on Twitter

Fail Whale
Fail Whale

For whatever reason now seems like a good time to tell you that we've just created a butt load of Twitter Lists on our Gaslamp Ball twitter account.

Hopefully it'll make it easy for you to follow Padres news.  Just follow the lists and we'll keep them up to date with changes and you won't have to find and follow all the people individually.

  • Padres Stuff
    This is the master Padres list. It's everybody and everything that is at all related to the Padres.
  • Padres Players
    This is a list of all current, former and minor league players.
  • Padres News
    This is a list of credible Padres news.
  • Padres Blogs
    These are all known Padres Bloggers.
  • Gaslamp Ballers
    These are all known Gaslamp Ballers. If you want to be added or removed from the list, comment or tweet us.