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Jake Peavy: On a scale from Zero to Tony Gwynn

The Zero to Tony Gwynn scale is a rating of a Padres' importance to the San Diego Padres and their fans. The scale works to determine the relative importance of a particular Padre based on the assumption that Tony Gwynn is the perfect representation of the San Diego Padres.

Are you getting sick of these Zero to Tony Gwynn posts yet? Well too bad. We're not done yet!

You may remember one Jacob Edward Peavy who used to pitch for the Padres. Raised in our farm system on diet of wooden bats and overzealous hitters. He grew up strong and he grew up right.

He debut with the Padres back in 2001 and tore up opposing teams and feasting on Dodgers for desert. He would eventually win the Cy Young and become one of the best pitchers in Padres history.

Not so long ago he accepted a trade and skipped town to join a team that he thought had better potential to bring him a World Series ring.

How does he compare to Tony the Gwynn?