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Jerry Coleman forced to limit his role, will only be broadcasting 20-30 games this season

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At the Padres Open House, Jon really wanted to ask a question on the microphone to the Front Office panel.  I came up with one.  "Why are you changing Jerry Coleman's role on the broadcast when that was the role that put him into the National Baseball Hall of Fame?"  I thought that would be a good question to get the crowd worked up a bit.  Jon backed out of asking the question when he heard there were going to be 5000 people there.

I've said before I'm not in favor of the Padres putting Coleman out to pasture.  He and Leitner have been the only constants in Padres baseball in my lifetime. Their voices comfort me.

Those days are rapidly fading as the news has become official, Coleman will have reduced role in 2010

"What does that mean?" Coleman said. "I guess I'll be doing the 'Manager's Report' like I've always done.

"Honestly, I haven't been told much.

The message they are sending is that Jerry Coleman is too old for the audience and that he's a liability while traveling and on the air. 

John Lynch the CEO of the Broadcast Company of the Americas, says Jerry still wants to broadcast.

"But we also have to think about the station and our audience. We feel this is a more appropriate role.

"Jerry would still like to be playing second base for the Yankees. But things change."

Jerry, quick as ever, responded:

Coleman, jokingly, said that's not true.

"If I had my way, I'd be playing second base for the Padres, play 10 games, get hurt and make $4 million,"

 At least he's not gone completely, not yet.  They have to do what they feel is right for the Padres and XX1090, but it doesn't mean I have to like it. As the man says, the times are a-changin'.