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Padres FanFest will let fans "Catch fly balls in the outfield"

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The Padres just released the official Padres FanFest activities list.

The first thing I saw got me really excited, instant pant full of bone.

"Catch fly balls in the outfield"

This is a great idea.  If you remember back in the Jack Murphy Stadium days they used to have a "Pop Fly Payoff" in the outfield before each game.  A fan would be out in centerfield and a pitching machine would launch three baseballs out to them and they'd get a prize depending on how many they could catch.

As a young lad, I always wanted to do that.  Maybe just maybe this will be my chance to impress a few people around the organization with my skillz, like Pad Squad Andre. 

At the FanFest they will also be revealing which retro uniform will be worn on Throwback Thursdays.  But before you get too excited about going retro, the Padres encourage you to "Wear your Padres blue to show your SD pride and win prizes" at the FanFest.  I assume there will be prizes for old school colors.

Remember when this event was called FriarFest?  It's true the Padres are getting rid of the Friar!