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Dave Winfield: On a scale from Zero to Tony Gwynn

The Zero to Tony Gwynn scale is a rating of a Padres' importance to the San Diego Padres and their fans. The scale works to determine the relative importance of a particular Padre based on the assumption that Tony Gwynn is the perfect representation of the San Diego Padres.

Dave Winfield. The first Padres representative in the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Never mind that 50% of that decision was because he was bribed into it and the other 50% was to stick it to George Steinbrenner. He's a Padres Hall of Famer. He has his number retired. He started his illustrious career with the Padres. He's an Executive Vice President with the Padres.

But do his years as a Yankee overshadow his years with the Padres? Did his constant stream of TV appearances wearing Yankees gear create a rift between him and San Diego? Has so much time gone by that all those that actually saw him play in a Padres uniform met their great reward?

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