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Peavy reveals Adrian Gonzalez is frustrated on Padres and confirms recruitment

Yesterday reported that Jake Peavy was trying to convince the White Sox to trade for Adrian Gonzalez:

"I want Adrian [Gonzalez] to be my teammate over here," Peavy said.

and had this to say about the state of the Padres in San Diego:

"It's disheartening to watch what has happened there," he said.

Today on Chicago Breaking Sports News Peavy confirmed his recruitment of Adrian:

"I went into recruiting mode. Let me tell you something: this guy is as good a player as there is in the big leagues. I know a lot of people don't get to see that because he plays in San Diego."

Peavy revealed that Gonzalez has become frustrated in San Diego:

"I love San Diego, and I don't have a bad thing to say," Peavy said. "But it does get frustrating. The guy hits .280, and he's frustrated for weeks at a time. He says, 'Peav, I got to swing the bat.'

" ... You look at that stretch, and our team record wasn't good because he wasn't getting to swing the bat. He sees that. I do feel for a player who gets in a situation where it's not best for him. But Adrian loves San Diego. He was born and raised there. But he's understanding that as time goes on, he's going to have to come to the point where he has to play for someone else. I think he'd look awfully good in black.''

It's a good thing a Peavy promise is worthless.

"Adrian wants to win - I can tell you that," Peavy said. "If it means leaving San Diego, he won't think twice about doing that. I can promise you that."