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Adrian Gonzalez wants a championship, a big contract and to stay in San Diego

Well look who decided to show up last to Spring Training. Mr. Grumpy Unshaven Adrian Gonzalez. He wants you to know that he deserves a ring and a raise. His comments about wanting to win a championship for San Diego are nice and all, but seriously Jake Peavy said almost the same thing last season before he chose to accept a trade and leave. If he's really expecting a championship and big contract here in San Diego before the Padres trade him, then we might as well start saying our goodbyes now.

[Note by jbox, 02/24/10 8:38 PM PST ]

Interesting note: Dan Hayes says a 6 for 1 deal was almost done with Seattle last summer:

Before last year's July 31 nonwaiver trade deadline, the team closest to acquiring Gonzalez was Seattle, which had a six-for-one deal on the table. But, the source said, then-general manager Kevin Towers was holding out for one more player and the deal fell apart.