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Who is the official Mr. [Insert Baseball Team Name Here]?

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Each night after I put on my old timey time pajamas and stocking cap and say my prayers I lay in bed and think about Mr. Padre, Tony the Gwynn, slapping baseballs into left field until I fall asleep.

Last week I was wondering if fans from other teams had their own special Mister. Today I thought I'd do some research for you and find out each team's OFFICIAL mister.

I hyperlinked the nickname when I found it on the team's website or in an official publication. The others are guesses based on Google searches that refer to the player as a mister. Let me know if I have any wrong or if you can fill in any blanks for me.

Team Player
Mr. Oriole Brooks Robinson
Mr. Red Sox Johnny Pesky
Mr. White Sox Minnie Miñoso
Mr. Indian Bob Feller
Mr. Tiger Al Kaline
Mr. Royal George Brett
Mr. Angel Tim Salmon
Mr. Twin Tony Olivia
Mr. Yankee Mickey Mantle
Mr. Athletic
Mr. Mariner Alvin Davis
Mr. Devil Ray Carl Crawford
Mr. Ranger Tom Grieve
Mr. Blue Jay Ernie Whitt
Mr. Diamondback Brandon Webb
Mr. Brave Chipper Jones
Mr. Cub Ernie Banks
Mr. Red Mascot
Mr. Rockie Todd Helton
Mr. Marlin Jeff Conine
Mr. Astro Larry Dierker
Mr. Dodger Tommy Lasorda
Mr. Brewer Robin Yount
Mr. Met Mascot
Mr. Philly Mike Schmidt
Mr. Pirate Pie Traynor
Mr. Padre Tony Gwynn
Mr. Giant
Mr. Cardinal Stan Musial
Mr. National