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EAC Barbershop has Mat Latos pass secret message to us

You may remember about a month ago when we were snooping around YouTube and found some video of Padres Pitcher Mat Latos hanging out at EAC Barbershop after getting his hair cut.

Well EAC Barbershop saw our blog post and wanted to send us a message, but innately knew that we would only accept secret messages from a freshly groomed Mat Latos so they sent this video along.

That was nice of them.  If you're ever in Coral Springs, Florida drop in and get a cut.  I'm tempted to get the EAC Executive and the same cut as Latos, but after looking at the different options I can't tell which one he gets. Is that a Caesar?  A bigen? I may just have to stop in and see what they recommend for guys with weird shaped heads and long elegant necks.