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Around the Mission: 2/23 Padres Links


  • "Rain, Rain, Rain" by Padres Scorecard
    Chase Headley reported Monday morning leaving only five players - Adrian Gonzalez, David Eckstein, Oscar Salazar and brothers Scott and Jerry Hairston - missing from camp

  • XX Sports Radio: David Wells Interview (MP3)
    Boomer joins Hacksaw at the Town & Country to talk about the Hall of Champions dinner and what it was like to have the field at Pt. Loma named after him.
  • Red Sox Appear to Be Favorites to Land Adrian Gonzalez If He Becomes Available - Boston Red Sox -
    "San Diego's not going anywhere, so I think that [Padres GM] Jed Hoyer, at some point, is going to have to say that the best way to accelerate this rebuilding year is to trade Heath Bell and to trade Adrian Gonzalez," Law concluded.

  • Padres prospects slated for minicamp | News
    On Saturday, the Padres will hold their first minicamp for a group of 28 Minor League players at the Peoria Sports Complex. The camp will run until March 13.

  • PADRES: Correia is a better version of himself
    "Experience helps a lot. I've been in this division a long time now and I know the hitters pretty well. I had a situation in San Diego where I was comfortable and able to settle in more than I have at any other point in my career. I wasn't worried about making a mistake and losing my job. It just kind of worked out with being comfortable with the coaching staff and the team and the situation I was in."

  • Headley happy at third -
    "It made sense that it would be him or me going," Headley said yesterday

  • Padres " Blogs
    "In accordance with the unofficial laws of baseball, Roberts was handed a very stern sentence by Judge Black, who determined that Roberts must down a tongue depressor full of Vegemite in front of a room full of Padres players. "

  • "Sun comes out for the Padres" by Padres Scorecard
    The only position players who haven’t checked in are Adrian Gonzalez, Oscar Salazar and brothers Scott and Jerry Hairston.