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Around the Mission: 2/2 Padres Links

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  • Padres tap into college coaching ranks | News
    The Padres made two additions to their baseball operations department, hiring the former coach of Arizona State plus an ex-assistant at Arizona.

  • Positive Negative Man – Ducksnorts
    "When the Padres lost 99 games in 2008, many people abandoned hope. I wasn’t one of them and predicted 75 wins in 2009, which is precisely what we got."

  • The Official Blog of Matt Antonelli: HATS FOR BATS...KEEP BATS WARM
    "I got a chance to travel down to Fall River, Massachusetts to check out how a wooden bat is made at a local bat company."

  • PADRES: Front office hires former ASU coach Murphy
    "His experience at the collegiate level speaks for itself," said Jason McLeod, Padres assistant general manager and amateur scouting director. "We thought with his experience it'd be a pretty unique view point."

  • OPS Should Only Be Used For Convenience :: Friar Forecast
    OPS is an okay estimate of offensive skill. But the only advantage it has over a stat like wOBA, which properly weights OBP and OPS, is ease of calculability.

  • Friars on Cardboard: This Rant Has Nothing To Do With Broke's Rookie Card
    "I had no idea that Francisco was heated because some ass heckled Brocail about having a stillborn child. "

  • RJ’s Fro Exclusive Interview with Padres Closer Heath Bell " RJ's Fro
    "No way that’s my song."

  • Torrealba may head to Padres - Sports Rumors - MLB Blog - Yahoo! Sports
    "The San Diego Padres have apparently offered Torrealba a one-year deal and Torrealba took the offer to the Mets to say, can you top this? "

  • Padrographs; Abner to Zimmer
    "I got this signed through the mail a couple of years ago."