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Padres GM Jed Hoyer interviewed by XX1090

XX Sports Radio: Jed Hoyer Interview (MP3) with Darren Smith

  • Every person Hoyer talks to says that Arizona Spring Training is way better than Florida. Veteran players don't like driving to games in Florida.
  • Hoyer and Black used John Moores' SDSU Basketball seats vs. BYU. He was really impressed by the passion of the crowd.
  • The key is to make a product that everybody wants to see.  The goal is to make everybody talk about the Padres all summer.
  • The off-season is never officially over, but they feel good with the signings in the last 3 weeks.  They are happy with the acquisitions this winter and think they can build on the success from last year.
  • The market for players developed later than last year, which was surprising.
  • Hoyer doesn't want to comment on any Free Agents he's keeping his eye on. Hoyer is keeping an eye on Felipe Lopez.
  • Black and Hoyer met with every pitcher and catcher yesterday and laid out their expectations.  "There are very few guys with guaranteed jobs, but It's important to have competition."  They brought 54 guys into camp.
  • Jon Garland, Chris Young, Kevin Correia and Clayton Richard have the first 4 spots in the rotation.  It will be a competition for the 5th starting stop.
  • Mat Latos is competing for the 5th spot.  "He may have the highest ceiling in the organization from a pitching standpoint." It's important to keep him healthy. They are going to watch Latos' innings.
  • The first thing Hoyer did was bring in a third physical therapist to work solely with the pitchers to keep them healthy.
  • Hoyer saw SI Tom Verducci's article about pitchers likely to be injured and he has been accurate in the past to some extent.
  • Cesar Carillo is older and "has fallen out of that hot zone".
  • Josh Barfield was a good young prospect with the Padres.  "We still think there is a bit of talent there."  Hoyer is trying to add depth at second base.
  • Aaron Cunningham is a good young hitter and has hit at every level pretty consistently.  "He's major league ready."
  • If Matt Stairs has a good spring he has a chance to make the team.  "He's a professional hitter." Stairs hit 5 PH home runs last year.
  • Hoyer hasn't looked just for guys from championship teams but you need to focus on guys that want to be on the big stage.  You want guys that can perform in big games.
  • Hoyer really liked the players he got in return for Kevin Kouzmanoff.  "It was important for me to get Chase Headley to the right place."  "We wanted to get Kyle Blanks every day at bats."
  • Kevin Towers said he and Buddy Black preferred Kevin Kouzmanoff.  Hoyer disagreed, but he and Black have a great relationship.  Black understood Hoyer's rational.
  • Chris Young threw a bullpen session today off the mound.  "He's ready to go."