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Around the Mission: 2/16 Padres Links

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  • New Padres GM enjoying frenzied offseason | News
    Padres first-year general manager Jed Hoyer has embraced a hectic offseason so frenzied that he seems light years, not mere months, removed from his days as an assistant general manager with the Red Sox.

  • "Anyone on earth that didn’t like Fanfest, they’ve got problems" " RJ's Fro
    "Kurt signed a RJ’s Fro post card & regardless of what the picture shows Rollie did not sign his own crotch for me, but he actually signed an official MLB ball."

  • Young execs waiting in GM wings | News
    In a baseball world in which the executives pulling the trigger on prospective hires for GM seem to be going younger and younger, it's tempting to wonder who among the 30- and even 20-something set might be next to take over the reins of a team.

  • The Official Blog of Matt Antonelli: DAY 3 - KENTUCKY TO ARKANSAS
    "I tried on a pair of cowboy boots and a stylish cowboy hat. I think I could rock out a nice pair of gator boots, but there's no way I could pull off the hat. "