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New Padres "SD" logo being emphasized

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I was on the @Padres twitter page and noticed that the avatar is a new interlocking "SD" logo.

The background image also features the SD logo but the colors are silver and navy blue. There is no sand color on the page at all and only trace amounts on I'm not a huge Sand fan but at least that was one of the things that made our uniforms a little bit more unique.

I'm not sure if this new logo is replacing the shampoo Padres logo or if it is a secondary logo, I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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Another major change ---- the Padres will continue to emphasize their "SD" logo in place of the letter "P."

Personally I never liked the "P" logo and always preferred the "SD" but liked when the letter "D" hung lower on the "S" like on the original Padres hats.

The new logo and color palette is really safe, but dull... like Bud Black and Adrian Gonzalez interviewing each other dull. It reminds me of earlier in the decade when we wore only blue and white. There were no colors that make the uniforms or logos pop!

We need easily recognizable team colors, so that when we fill the stands you can tell who's rooting for the Padres. With Brown and Yellow or Brown and Orange you could tell. If you don't want to stand out or want to get lost in a crowd you wear blue and gray.

We've voted before, but let's vote again for your favorite Padres logo.

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