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First Look at Padres Giveaways! Lunch box, Floppy hat and Eckstein Bobblehead

All three of these giveaways look really sweet. I gots to have me that floppy hat. So excited, peed myself a tiny bit. Could be that I'm excited or an early warning sign of enlarged prostate.  Either way, must have these giveaways.

I'm now taking a closer look at the cartoon Padres players on the lunch box.  On the far left is #44 with a metal robotic left arm.  Is this supposed to be Peavy?  Is this a sign of things to come?  The catcher is HUGE and ripped.  I'm sure that's supposed to be Hundley because we saw a lot of weight gain protein powder in his locker.

The guy in the center is holding a glowing bat and the two on the right are running and flying.

Img_2593_medium Img_2594_medium
Img_2595_medium Img_2584_medium

[Note by Dex, 02/13/10 6:31 PM EST ] Here's the one thing I took a picture of. It's a slinky.