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Padres uniform vote ends in a tie between Brown 1978 and White 1984

Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn and Randy Jones showed off the retro uniforms that won the fan vote.  The results were very similar to Gaslamp Ball's vote, so now we know that the results are accurate in some weird way. These two uniforms will be worn on Throwback Thursday's this season. 


Hooray for ties! Everybody is a winner!

Sucks to be you, White 1978 jersey!

[Note by jbox, 02/13/10 3:01 PM PST ]

Matto619 finally helps us out by paying close attention to what was being said.  I couldn't hear on account of the echos and the heat stroke.

White ’84 will be worn on the first Thursday and the brown ’78 the rest of ’em.