What's your all-time Padres lineup?

So I, like many a fan reading this, am s00per anxious for baseball to get started again. It gets my imagination going. I like to look at all my old baseball cards and read the stats, laugh at the pictures, and imagine the most awesome team ever assembled.

But let's narrow this team down a little bit. You can't have your cake and eat it too. Make the most awesome Padres team ever assembled, you jerks. So...

Just like a normal lineup. Except, you're in Narnia now and you can have whoever you want. 1 player per position. SP and a PH for late in the game. The only rule is they had to play a full season with the Padres. None of this Jim Edmonds crap. And just don't use Vinny Castilla, just don't do it. It's not worth it.

Steve Finley, CF

He was really tall and skinny. He's a cross between Randy Johnson and Wayne Gretsky. He also played for every NL west just can't find that kind of loyalty these days.

Tony The Gwynn, RF

He's got a statue. I didn't know a statue was qualification enough for entrance to the hall of fame.

Adrian Gonzalez, 1B

I remember my freshman year of baseball going to play Eastlake and Adrian was there. Man among boys, that's how I remember him. In this lineup he finally gets some protection that isn't named Shrek!

Greg Vaughn, LF

Homeboy is the cousin of Mo Vaughn, you don't mess around at that family reunion. He also hit 50 homeruns in 98. He belongs in the 50 hr club....Robin Ventura can get the eff out and get punched by Nolan Ryan on his way.

Kenneth Caminiti, 3B

Caminiti in a Padres uniform was like every action movie you've ever seen. He could kick ass like Terminator and fight through injury like T1000.

Ozzie Smith, SS

The wizard. I don't care if he was a Cardinal.....He had a buttload of stolen bases with us and will forever make you feel cool by association. "Yeah, I know Ozzie, he was a Padre."

David Eckstein, 2B

Don't hate. South Park wouldn't be complete without Butters and neither would the Padres.

Benito Santiago, C

I think he's the best catcher we've had. John Flaherty in a close I kid? I liked Flaherty.

Kevin Brown, SP

Brown kicked ass, took names, and then kicked your ass again because he didn't know how to read and didn't want to look dumb trying to read your name out loud.

Rob Deer, PH

Yeah. Didn't expect that? I didn't either. But it's 4am and I need to be in bed. I guess he's the first name that comes to mind because I saw him hit a monster foul ball once. I was 11 and still remember that fould ball. I want that guy hitting homeruns off the bench.

Note...I really want Fred McGriff on here...but I'm not about to break my own rules...And for what it's worth, I would bring Don Zimmer back to manage one more year.

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