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5 years of blogging the Padres!

On Sunday Dex and I celebrate 5 years of blogging about the Padres! Yes we started on Valentine's Day. No that's totally not gay.

In case you've been wondering what we've been trying to do all these years, please read our Mission Statement, for further explanation.

Thanks to all of you for reading and participating these past 5 years.  You've always been there for us, except the first several years and those times when we've really needed you to be there for us and you weren't.  You're the best!

To celebrate we asked some Padres people to write a few words to commemorate the occasion.  Here they are in the order that they responded:

Steve Quis "When I left CBS news and came to San Diego, Dan Rather pulled me aside and told me that if I wanted the inside scoop on Padres baseball I need only look to a little known thing as "Gaslamp Ball".  It was the first and only site I have used during my eleven years on the Padres beat.  One day, I'm confident it will win a Pulitzer.  Besides, until this site came along I really didn't know how much people really hated me.  Thanks Gaslamp Ball.
John Weisbarth
"When I first met Jbox and Dex they were routing around in my garbage looking for top secret San Diego sports notes. Sure it was weird, but I had to admire that these guys were willing to go the extra mile to get the story. Now that the proper court documents have been filed I have no problem telling it like it is...Jbox and Dex are two of the most entertaining bloggers in the game with a self deprecating style that I can't get enough of. Congratulations on 5 stellar years boys!"
Pad Squad Loxie

"Congrats boys! Oh and jbox, best wishes that it doesn't take five more years to finally find a pad squad girl that will date you... Don't fret, the new rookies will be here soon..."

Tom-garfinkel_medium Tom Garfinkel "JBox and Dex are true pioneers in the sports blogging space and I want to congratulate Gaslamp Ball on 5 years of success.  They provide a raw flair for humor combined with relevant informational content and a human sensibility that is very unique – sort of ‘Harold and Kumar’ meets the ‘The View.’  Although I’m not sure which one is Whoopi."
Pad Squad Carrie Prejean
Congrats to gaslamp ball for making it 5 years of blogging! Wow. You guys have been great to me and so supportive :) glad to know there are somewhat cool bloggers out there who actually care about the people...not just out there for ratings.... Thanks for getting everyone to vote for me for deal or no deal...and of course trying to get me to throw the first pitch...still don't know what happened. Hmmmm :) Well as Pad Squadder, a former Miss Greater San Diego and Miss California I want to say thanks and congrats! .I am Proud to be a San Diegan! And GOOOOOO PADRES!!!!!!
Bob Scanlan Hey Jbox & Dex,

Wow... Congratulations on your 5 year anniversary!  It would be easy to fondly reminisce about all the false rumors and misinformation that the two of you have spread on Gaslamp Ball over the years. But by far my greatest G-Ball memory is of your visit to Petco and the Pre-Game and Post game shows when you shadowed Quis for a day.  Whether it was Dex pointing towards the pitchers mound and asking "Are they going to fix that bump on the field before the match starts?", JBox's constant sing-song chant of "Pitcher has a rubber arm,  pitcher has a rubber arm!", or the food fight that broke out in the pressbox when you boys used up the last of Mark Grant's chocolate sprinkles for his yogurt, it was truly a fun and unforgettable night at the park.  Seriously though, you guys do a great job, and I appreciate you letting me chime in once in a while.  You guys are welcome to our Channel 4 studios anytime. the way, I got them to lift that lifetime ban they imposed on you after "The incident" (wink, wink) at the Western Metal supply lounge.  Happy anniversary!

Scan's hair
Geoff Young Congratulations, Gaslamp Ball, on turning five years old. Given your level of talent, that is quite an accomplishment and one worthy of celebration. When people said the blog would never last, my response was, "Well, you may be right about that." And yet, here you are. Bravo!

Seriously, guys, I can say without reservation that it is an honor and a privilege for you to know me. Don't ever forget that. Keep up the awesome work, and here's to another five years of whatever the heck it is you're trying to do.
Pad Squad Andre Dex and Jbox are celebrating 5 years of blogging about the Padres. Gaslamp Ball is a catastrophic success and you guys deserve everything you get.
Jenny Cavnar The traditional gift for a 5th Anniversary is wood… hmmm. I thought about getting you a signed bat, but decided on purchasing the wood to build a fence that will keep JBox out. Being on TV has lead to my fair share of stalkers, but none of them compare to the stalking abilities of JBox.

I’ll never forget the time he woke me up on an airplane somewhere over Yuma , AZ- that’s what I call going above and beyond the call of duty.

Happy 5th Anniversary, Fellas! I’d say we should celebrate with a drink but you might spike it. Keep up the entertaining (and flattering) work.
Chrissy_medium Chrissy Russo Who are you guys!!??
Tyler Bleszinski I thought that Gaslamp Ball had truly arrived years ago when the community featured a Paul DePodesta interview.  But then I saw that Gaslamp Ball tattoo and I realized that no other SB Nation community had inspired that kind of devotion.  I then launched a full investigation and found out that if you read Gaslamp Ball backwards, you hear Ozzy Osbourne telling you to "just do it."

Congrats to Gaslamp Ball on being a huge part of the overall success of SB Nation.  I love the GLB community and it's been my honor watching it grow over the years.
Craig Elsten Does it really count for five years of Gaslamp Ball blogging if Dex only remembers 2 1/2 of them?  Congrats on making it this far, guys.
Andy Masur Hey guys, congratulations on your 5 years on the web.  When I first got to town, Gaslamp Ball sounded like something I needed to dress up for but now I really know the truth.  It's where to go to find out the pulse of Padre Nation.  Great job keeping the fans connected to the team and all that surrounds it.  Keep it up and here's to many more years on the web!  
Corey Brock Hey Dex and jbox.

A very happy five years of blogging about the Padres and for somehow milking the Brian Giles skin-color joke for the duration.

God help your next target.

For a relative newcomer to San Diego, you’ve given me laughs, access to Chrissy Russo pictures and minutes upon minutes of blissful enjoyment whenever the Padres decide it’s “OK” to play 18 innings.

Every team needs a loyal following and every team needs a place where fans can gather to celebrate, share thoughts or just console each other after a Brian Myrow at-bat or a Josh Geer gopherball.

You provide that.

It might be unconventional and irreverent at times but you pull it off.

So here’s to five years, here’s to finding your niche and here’s to breakfast.

Love, Corey
Darren Smith I love Gaslamp Ball and make it a regular stop during my show preparation. So many great moments that it's hard to choose just one but if I had to, it was when sdsuaztec4 punched out Snooki. POW!! Right in the kisser. Congrats to The Situation, JWoww, DJ Paulie D and the rest of the GLB crew. And I'm still waiting for that XL shirt.

Keep up the great work!

Pad Squad Amanda

Dex and jbox are a little out of control, but bring that extra spice to the sports world that keep it interesting and keep us coming back for more. Thanks for keeping it real and helping me out when I needed it most.


Pad Squad Amanda