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Tony Gwynn's Daughter's Wedding was expensive

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Hall of Famer Tony the Gwynn's daughter was featured on Platinum Weddings last night.  The budget for the wedding was $500,000 not counting $1.35M in jewelry.  

As I was watching I took note of how much everything costs, just in case I am ever in the position to marry a Hall of Famer's daughter.  The outlook isn't good. Anisha seems to have expensive taste, hopefully her baseball player husband Kennard Jones has a long and prosperous career in the big leagues.

For whatever reason the part that shocked me the most was the Landscape Prep.  They wanted the ceremony in the driveway so they ripped out a fountain and tented the whole thing.  I wish I got $100K every time I pitched a tent.  I cried during the removal of the fountain, but I always cry during weddings.

Item/Service Cost
Engagement Ring $40,000
30 carat earrings $350,000
19 carat bracelet $350,000
Diamond Bangles $500,000
Designer Gown $12,000
Landscape Prep $35,000
Tenting $115,000
Living Chandelier $7,500
Chandeliers $25,000
Bridesmaid Dresses $2,450
Photography $6,500
Cocktail Hour $75,000
Reception Floral Budget $55,000
Custom Linens $20,000
Wedding Cake $5,000
Groom's Cake $2,500


You can view a Photo Gallery of the wedding here.