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Developing: Padres bring on former ASU coach Pat Murphy as a special assistant

Dan Hayes from the NC Times is reporting via Twitter that the Padres have brought on former ASU head coach, Pat Murphy as a Special Assistant.

Things I know about Pat Murphy:

  1. He once told an ASU player's mother that her son was a poster child for birth control.
  2. He coached Craig Counsell at Notre Dame, which may or may not account for Counsell's nervous fidgeting.
  3. His work at ASU was impeccable all the way up until that whole business with the A.D. and some potentially shady business deals.

Brooks played for Murphy out at ASU and I've become a rooter of the team because of that. Everyone I've ever spoke to about Murphy has always said that he gets things done, but he's mean like a badger covered in something sticky.