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Around the Mission: 2/1 Padres Links

Time to flip the page on the ol' Padres calendar.  Let's see who is Miss February, shall we?  In the upper left hand corner we have a handsome picture of Buddy Black, with a wry grin.  On the right side a mother showing her daughter how rude it is to point.  Finally in the bottom left hand corner, an awkwardly staged high five.  Hmm, guess I'll have to wait until March for some good pictures.

  • Friars on Cardboard: Going For Broke
    I was never Doug Brocail's biggest fan nor did I dislike him as I have many pitchers of Padres past

  • Unfinished Business: Welcome to San Diego
    I always get excited about these pinch-hitter-DH-type guys, but they always seem to let me down for some reason.

  • Bloomberg baseball :: Friar Forecast
    Bloomberg Sports is launching new fantasy and professional baseball products.

  • Twitter / ChrissyFOX5: at most, slight damage to ...
    "it happened at 6:19 am and went 4 miles deep. did you feel it?" TWSS