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New Padres acquisitions using Twitter

Maybe the best way to learn about the new Padres acquired during the off season is by following them on twitter.  Let's check in on them and see what's new, shall we?

Anthony Rizzo will be playing first base for the AAA Padres affiliate next season.  He just started using twitter today and apparently he's tweeting from his iPad on his way to Vegas, you know the place in Vevada. He's already following some interesting people too.

En route to LAS VEGAS, VEVADAless than a minute ago via Twitter for iPad


Here's a tweet from AA San Antonio Missions pitcher Casey Kelly who was also acquired in the Adrian Gonzalez trade. He's home for the holidays in Florida.  Tonight he attended a Hooters bikini contest. Ah to be young again!  Be careful clicking the link if you're at work:


Cameron Maybin, the Padres starting center fielder next season, is on a seemingly endless road trip.  He found himself in some "cold ass weather" and is asking his followers if they have any ideas to keep him warm, but then finds his own solution:

I'm think a glass of patron and sprite never fails to warm the bodyless than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone


You have to admit those are better tweets than we'd ever get from Adrian Gonzalez.