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Steve Garvey wants to buy the Dodgers, stay relevant

The LA Times is reporting that Steve Garvey wants to buy the Dodgers. There is apparently an ownership group in place and Garvey would actually take on some operational control if the deal went through.

If his group were to succeed in buying the Dodgers, he said, he would serve as the managing general partner.

"I think I know what it takes to put a winner on the field," Garvey said.

It's apparently a long shot at this point since the McCourts aren't selling right now.

If Garvey were to buy the Dodgers, can we all agree that his number should be unretired at that point? Unretiring it would only be appropriate and would allow us to make some space for the number 51 that will be going up on the batter's eye in a few years.