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Padres acquire Jason Bartlett, FIRESALE HAS NOW BECOME BUYERSALE... buyerveil? BuyerMAIL! Wait... It'll come to me.

Jason Bartlett to #Padres deal is done, source says. #Rays #MLBless than a minute ago via txt


I think when it's all said and done, Offseason 2010 will be one of the more confusing seasons for Padres fans to get their heads wrapped around. On the one hand, it's a firesale. On another hand, it will be the first season with a group of players who will take the team to our first World Series.

I'm glad for things like social media because it allows a really easy way to look back and say stuff like, "Man. Weren't you wrong about that." Like you know how I called 2010 the Best Season Ever and then it was? That's on record.

In any case, Jason Bartlett was an All-Star in 2009 when he batted .320/.389/.490 with 14 home runs. What did your precious Adrian Gonzalez do in 2009? Answer. Probably nothing. WINNER!

I keep seeing stuff go back and forth, but if there's one thing Jon Morosi is... It's right all of the time. I trust Morosi to deliver the news.

Jason Bartlett

#8 / Short Stop / Tampa Bay Rays





Oct 30, 1979

Handsome Like: A desert moonrise

Sexy As: All get the f_ck out of town

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