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The top five most beloved Padres according people who pay attention to us on Twitter

I was just sitting at home watching Biggest Loser and then I went to Twitter and I forgot all about the tweet from earlier today...

Name the Top 5 most beloved #Padres. Go!less than a minute ago via web

And then @LobShots called me out and I was like, "Well, Biggest Loser is done. I guess I'll summarize what people said."

Through the magic of Google Spreadsheets, I have tabulated the results of our poll to determine the Top 5 most beloved #Padres on the Twitter. I scored everybody 5 points for any first place votes, 4 for second and so on. If you gave me more than 5, I gave your 6 through whatever half a point.



Gwynn 53.5
Hoffman 39
Caminiti 19
R. Jones 12
A. Gonzalez 11.5
Sheffield 8
Winfield 7
O. Smith 5
Kingsale 5
R. Rivera 5
F. Valenzuela 5
Garvey 4
Edmunds 4
McGriff 4
Owens 3
Kruk 3
Peavy 2
Merila 2
Finley 2
Tenace 2
Cirilo 2
J. Hamilton Joey Cora 2
B. Santiago 2
Gossage 1
Kingman 1
Crabbe 1
Mirabelli 1
Piazza 0.5

Dave Winfield is soooooo pissed at you right now, Twitter. Also, I count like a million Dodgers on that list. WTF. And I was really hoping that Adrian wouldn't come in fifth. That just stokes that guy's ego. Like SRSLY.