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Ron Fowler revealed to be a Padres owner. Is he mysterious 12th member or is there another?

Ron Fowler was revealed to be an anonymous SDSU donor, but could he also be the anonymous 12th Padres owner? Nick Canepa reports the following:

Fowler, the local businessman and philanthropist who also owns a share in the Padres, is the anonymous donor who has pledged $5 million to SDSU’s athletic department.

After some research and snooping I confirmed that Fowler is in fact one of the owners of the Padres. He finally reached a deal with Moorad a few months ago that made him part of Moorad's ownership group. Whether he is the 12th and only unnamed member that Moorad spoke of when he purchased the team isn't clear.

It's a possibility that the reason Fowler wasn't named because he and Moorad didn't finalize a deal until recently. It may have just been understood that they would eventually reach a deal but he was always considered a part of the ownership group.

If this is the case, only M. Night Shyamalan could have written a more anticlimactic ending to our mystery. I was hoping that the 12th owner was a disfigured, war profiteer with ties to organized crime.

But what if Fowler isn't the owner that Moorad spoke of? That would mean... there... is... a-nother... a 13th owner!

If I start getting too close to the truth and it's apparent that my life is in danger, I'm going to design a "poison pill" like the guy from Wikileaks. Upon my disappearance it will release dozens of unpublished and raunchy Padres haiku. It'll be my little insurance policy.

Hat tip to my source who will remain secret for her own protection.

1 Jeff Moorad Former CEO of Diamondbacks and Former Player Agent
2 Troy Aikman Hall of Fame Football Quarterback and Moorad's partner in NASCAR
3 Wayne Seltzer Businessman, lives in Rancho Santa Fe
4 Al Baldwin Developer, San Diego
5 Robert Piccinini CEO of Save Mart Supermarkets (Modesto) and Moorad's partner in NASCAR
6 Tom Davin CEO Panda Restaurant Group, Rosemead, and Moorad's partner in NASCAR
7 Richard Barry Financial adviser, Northern California
8 Dan and Denise Costa Entrepreneur, lives in Modesto
9 Patrick and Joanne Graham Occupation Unknown. Residents of Rolling Hills near Los Angeles
10 John M. McEvoy Founder, The Mobile Solution Corp., San Diego
11 Jay D. Stein Businessman and attorney, lives in Indianapolis and Phoenix
12 Ron Fowler
Chairman and CEO of Liquid Investments, Inc., lives in San Diego
13 ???