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Why the Adrian Gonzalez trade doesn't really matter.

Everybody's all fired up over this Adrian Gonzalez trade and I find myself almost, but not quite completely indifferent. I mean, let's be honest. If you don't read this blog, there's a good chance that you didn't even realize Adrian Gonzalez was worth $160 million or whatever.

Good San Diego Padres Fan is one of the best baseball fans out there. On top of his/her stuff. Knows the game.

Bad San Diego Padres Fan is like the guy who only goes to movies with a $250 million budget and another $50 million spent in marketing.

And be perfectly honest with yourself, Padres Fan. You didn't really care that Adrian Gonzalez was a Padre. I know, because I didn't see you at the games. So don't try to act all butt hurt like somebody did you wrong.


Right. Sure.

And don't try to say that the baseball wasn't exciting, that we weren't competitive, that we didn't have superstar players.

We OWNED the World Series Champs last year. We were a couple of bounces away from post season play. We were in first place like 95% of the season. And you're telling me you won't show up NOW? Because they traded the mopiest player on the team? Cry me a river.

On Scott and BR this morning, Kaplan was asking Mentor how the Padres expected to sell tickets now. If I were Mentor, I would've been like, "You tell me, Scott. You tell me how you get people to show up to games, because the only thing we haven't tried is a $150 million payroll and that's not happening any time soon. We've fielded a winner. We've had superstars. We've tried all kinds of sh_t. And it doesn't work for Bad Padres Fan."

And for the "smart" fans out there. You people don't show up to games either. All you're concerned with is computer models and simulations that forecast wins and losses. You be honest with yourself too. Don't act all high and mighty, because YOU were the fans that didn't show up to games last year because you "predicted" the collapse. You're probably the most annoying Bad Fan of them all. You're the "I told you so" fan that tells people "so". You are the reason we invented the term "foulweather fan".

For the Good Fans. The ones that truly appreciated Adrian Gonzalez and knew him to be a bona fide (droopy faced) superstar. I feel for you guys.

Everybody else should just get over themselves. The Padres didn't do anything that you wouldn't care about if you weren't so self-absorbed, thinking everybody's always out to get you.

Go Padres.