Why adding $25 million to the payroll wouldn't matter...

I just want to show why adding $25 million really wouldn't make a difference on the next two or three seasons. This post is more based on comments that I have read over the past two months regarding everything from Adrian Gonzalez, Heath Bell, ownership, payroll, and a winning team.

I have been reading about how people are confused and frusturated that the Padres OWNERSHIP is to cheap to add any extra PAYROLL to keep Padre fan favorites ADRIAN GONZALEZ and HEATH BELL in San Diego long term to build A WINNING TEAM around. The truth is that it was never going to happen unless they caught lightning in a bottle year after year. And here's why:

Let's say Jeff Moorad found a spare $25 million under his pillow and said let's put it towards the 2011 team payroll. Now the Padres would have a payroll of about $65 million. Not amazing but at least respectable right? Now, first order of buisness is to re-sign Adrian Gonzalez to the long term deal he wants worth about $23-25 million. Now the payroll is down to around $40 million. Next, the Padres have to sign the other fan favorite that people want to keep around in Heath Bell. Bell wants 3-years and about $7-8 million a year. So now you are down to about a $32 million payroll. Then, the the Padres need to show loyalty and sign the only other true stud the team has, so they lock up Mat Latos to a deal that would cover all of his arbitration years and maybe his first two free agent years. Being nice I'd say around $6-7 million a year on average. Now the payroll is down to about $26 million. The current team that the Padres have right now, after all the arbitration figures are done will cost around $23-25 million. So now you have maybe $1-2 million left to add a veteran bench guy or something.

So the team would basically look just like the 2010 Padres for at least three or four years to come. And most people that I've talk to have said that that team was a fluke, got lucky, and couldn't do it again. I'm not one of those people, but many people have said that. So if you are happy and content with the 2010 Padres, than adding $25 million overnight would have been a good thing. But I like what Jed Hoyer has done by putting a team together that has the chance to compete this year. But has a good chance at winnig in 2012 and beyond.....

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