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Casey Kelly no longer has his Dodger hat

Last night, Case Kelly, the Padres' stud pitching prospect who will make us forget all about Adrian Gonzalez come 2014 wrote:


who wants to make me a new background for my twitter page??? any ideas???less than a minute ago via web


This is the same Casey Kelly who also photographed himself wearing himself a Dodger hat, thereby awakening all of San Diego from its collective winter slumber to rageify and burninate.

Thank the Baseball Gods for Gaslamp Baller Jordan_Ming:

@caseykelly23 A picture of you burning your Dodgers hat? Or go the narcissistic route and go with a pic of you and all those bikini girls!less than a minute ago via web


"Oh SNAP," said Dex.

@jordanming haha i doint have it anymoreless than a minute ago via web


So now the questions are, where did the Dodger hat go? Did he really burn it like Jordan suggested? Is he now latently a Dodgers fan? Are the Padres his beard? 

I, for one, hope Jordan_Ming gets to the bottom of this. Casey Kelly says the Dodger hat is gone? We want PROOF! PROVE THAT IT'S NOT THERE, CASEY KELLY.

Go Padres.

Casey Kelly

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 Oct 04, 1989

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