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Padres sign Brad Hawpe to one year deal, allegedly

The report is that Brad Hawpe is going to be a Padre. Another recent All-Star, but more recently down player for the Padres. If we get to 90 wins again (which could happen), people will sing songs and write dramatic plays.

The Padres are like the 2009 NL West All Star Reunion.

Do I like this move? Sure. I like it better than Troy Glaus, but not as much as Derrek Lee. I'd like to see Rizzo sometime in 2011 though. Keep things moving.

Have you guys opened Christmas presents yet? I asked Santa for a Fushigi.

Brad Hawpe

#11 / Colorado Rockies



Jun 22, 1979

Cuter than: A puppy dog dressed like a snowflake

Gritty like: Sandpaper and ground up corn

Looks a little bit like: Jonny Dub