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Around the Mission: 12/2 Padres Links

  • The Fro Brings You: Where Are They Now? The Mark Sweeney Edition | December
    "I love the 3 of them and the Padres are very lucky to have them. I will always live in SD as I just recently got married to my wife Cindy and have 2 girls Jaden(10) and Kendall(7). So, hopefully I can settle down and who knows, I tend to always want to come back and get into that uniform! I would love to someday be able to either help the Padre organization on the field, in the front office or hopefully on TV or Radio. It is a class organization with GREAT FANS!"

  • One-Hit Wonders: Atlee Hammaker to Jerry Johnson – Ducksnorts
    "This is Part 6 of a 13-part series examining the 65 men who have collected exactly one hit as a member of the San Diego Padres. Our current installment features a man once traded for Vida Blue, Trevor Hoffman’s predecessor as Padres closer, the survivor of Mike Darr’s fatal car crash, a former teammate of Bud Black, and a man who very indirectly helped pave the way for free agency."