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Around the Mission: 12/19 Padres Links

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  • SHOOTING THE BREEZE WITH ... Padres pitcher Aaron Harang
    I've heard the mixed emotions. I think the biggest thing is just making sure you get things set up in place and kind of let people know 'I've got to go to the field every day.' I don't look at it as a job, but it is a job and I have to go prepare. It's one of those things, 'You guys have to understand that's what I do.'

  • Twitter / @Follow The Padres: Folks, the PTBNL is NOT th ...
    "Folks, the PTBNL is NOT the key to the Bartlett deal. It's Bartlett and you've got a dependable shortstop for the first time since 2007."
  • Changes in the middle infield :: Friar Forecast
    "Four players is more than you’d think it’d take to land Bartlett, but none of the four are really key losses. All of them have some chance of contributing at the major league level, but none are guaranteed (or particularly likely). "

  • Padres Trail: Orlando Hudson at Second
    "The Padres have improved defensively at second base. Their new shortstop is about on par with the duo that played most of the innings last year, and their center fielder is a bit worse defensively than Tony Gwynn Jr was. I am not poo-poohing these moves by any means; but I don't think they improve the defense around here as much as some would lead you to believe."