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Twitter birds saying Orlando Hudson is a Padre. Jed Hoyer spending money. Foulweather fans super confused.

2B Orlando Hudson confirms via text he has signed with the San Diego Padresless than a minute ago via Echofon


The Twitterverse is blowing up after Orlando Hudson said on MLB Radio that he is nearing a contract to become the newest San Diego Padre. Hudson most recently played for the Twins, but should be familiar to Padres fans from his time with AZ and LA.

When players from 2010 started signing elsewhere and our 2011 payroll was suddenly nil, my first thought was, I wonder what they're going to spend the money on? And in the meantime, I complained about firesale.

Meanwhile, some people seriously didn't think they were actually going to spend any money on players and were frantically putting together lineups that consisted of no players at second base or shortstop and, I'm pretty sure, they literally thought that the Padres were planning on not having a second baseman or shortstop.

Well, let me tell you. If this Bartlett deal finishes up and if Orlando Hudson is really a Padre, then our 2011 lineup just swapped out a (mopey) All-Star first baseman for an All-Star middle infield. Foulweather Fan is super confused and has already not renewed his season tickets leaving plenty of seats available.


Orlando Hudson

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Dec 12, 1977

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Quote: "What, dude? Oh daaaaaaaaaang."