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Padres GM Hoyer answers questions about Jason Bartlett, Derrek Lee and Twitter

<a href="">Jed Hoyer says he won't shave until they have a 1st baseman... via @Marty1090</a>
Jed Hoyer says he won't shave until they have a 1st baseman... via @Marty1090

XX Sports Radio: Jed Hoyer Interview with Darren Smith (MP3)

  • Hoyer says that the Padres are always going to be looking for bargains late into the winter.  Patience is important. "We still have some holes, but they'll get filled well"
  • Hoyer is forwarded emails from fans so he has an idea of fan reaction.  He doesn't listen to talk radio.  The reaction has been mixed on the Adrian Gonzalez trade.  He says he "gets it."  He reiterates that it's better to be aggressive and get the trade done now while they have more control.
  • He can't comment on Jason Bartlett.  He hopes it will get resolved soon.  The reports of his trade were premature.  "There are several different issues we're working on.  It wasn't just one thing."  Hoyer is still interested in the trade and Tampa Bay is still interested in trading him.
  • Hoyer denied that Derrek Lee has agreed to a deal with the Padres.  Hoyer says the Padres are talking to many different first basemen.  He can't say when he'll sign one.  It is very likely that the Padres will get a free agent as a one year solution.  He doesn't want to block Kyle Blanks and Anthony Rizzo.  The Padres have made several offers to first basemen.
  • Kyle Blanks isn't expected to start on Opening Day. He'll be ready to hit in Spring Training but his defense may take longer.  "Don't hold me to it, but it's probably unlikely." 
  • Blanks is still a good prospect and they are "very high" on him, but he did struggle before he was injured.  It's not the Padres best move to give him first base outright, that's why they are going to sign a free agent for this year.
  • They are talking to a lot of second basemen and it may come from the free agency or a trade.  It will probably happen after they sign a first basemen.
  • Hoyer says that he doesn't see any Minor Leaguers stepping into a hole at the Major League level.  Their goal is to eventually build the farm so that can happen.  "Most of our talent is younger and we need to move that bubble through the system."

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Answering Listener Questions

  • They are not going to move Chase Headley to first base and trading for Kevin Kouzmanoff.
  • Hoyer would like to see Everth Cabrera start in AAA. He really struggled last year.  He will play shortstop in AAA.
  • David Eckstein is still an option at Second Base but they haven't made any decisions.
  • Hoyer has talked to Jerry Hairston Jr.'s agent many times and they would like him back.  His value is his versatility.  
  • The Padres need to deal with Twitter as a team. It can be a slippery slope.  He doesn't want stupid pictures posted. "The last thing you want is guys posting things that are inappropriate." He saw Casey Kelly tweeting from a Hooters Bikini contest.  He deadpans, "That's what I saw. Yeah, I was thrilled."
  • The Padres have the smallest TV deal in all of baseball.  The owners sole focus is moving the payroll up to a higher level.  A lot of the revenue and payroll comes from TV deals.  He is optimistic about the payroll in the future and they'll be able to keep player for the long term.
  • The idea that Hoyer gave the Boston Red Sox preferential treatment or a sweetheart deal is "laughable".  "Frankly I think that's a ridiculous comment."  People should be glad that they got a lot of talent in return for Adrian Gonzalez.
  • The PTBNL in the Gonzalez trade is not one of the Red Sox first round pick.
  • There is a very strong chance that Heath Bell will be the Padres closer next year.
  • Draft picks are extremely valuable but they won't be available until 2015 or 2016.
  • Hoyer is not looking at Eric Chavez as a potential starting first basemen.  As a potential bat off the bench, maybe.
  • The Padres need as much pitching depth as possible.
  • Dustin Moseley was a real good prospect.  He held his own in the AL East.  He thinks he'll thrive in Petco Park in the NL West.
  • In contention for the starting 5 are: Clayton Richard, Tim Stauffer, Mat Latos, Aaron Harang, Dustin Moseley and Wade LeBlanc.
  • The Padres will continue to sign players out of the Dominican Republic, but fans won't hear much about it.  The facility is producing talent, they can be good investments but you need patience.
  • Padres haven't had a wave of young talent come up through the system.  You have to end the cycle of constant rebuilding.  This market will never support a $150 million player.
  • Hoyer can't imagine a time when baseball will ever have a salary cap.  He doesn't waste his time thinking about it.  
  • Hoyer cannot talk about Revenue Sharing, that's not his area.
  • It was disappointing that fans didn't fill the seats at Petco but he thinks that the Padres are responsible for making the team exciting.
  • Nobody would ever give up a season of Rizzo, Kelly, Fuentes and a PTBNL for one season of any player.
  • Hoyer likes Xavier Nady and Mark Kotsay. They are both great players and great guys.
  • Padre Holiday party is tomorrow night.  Darren suggests that Tom Garfinkel is most likely to put  the lamp shade on his head in the Padre offices.  Hoyer says "No comment."