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Adrian Gonzalez bought a $7.2 million, 7 Bed/10 Bath, 11,000 sq. ft. house in La Jolla before trade

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Adrian Gonzalez bought a monstrous mansion in San Diego for him and his wife to enjoy, before the trade happened. Now he'll only get to make use of it in the off-season. I might volunteer to house sit during the season... if the bathroom/bedroom ratio is right. Let's see 7 Bed/10 Bath, that'll do, but just barely.

Playing Ball in the Game of Real Estate

Maybe Adrian Gonzalez thought the Padres would never get around to trading him. According to real estate records, just before the team finally did send their all-star first baseman packing to Boston, Gonzalez and his wife, Betsy, bought an 11,000-square-foot, seven-bedroom, 10-bath home on La Jolla’s Muirlands Vista Way. Cost: $7.2 million That’s a lot of house for the off-season. Or maybe he hopes to pick up some spare change operating a small hotel? says the house only has 9 bathrooms. Perhaps he's already done some construction to add that much needed 10th bathroom.

Every once in a while I catch myself feeling bad that Adrian Gonzalez only made $5 million a year here in San Diego instead of the $23 million a year that he clearly deserves. Now I can look at these photos of his house and not feel bad for him anymore, knowing that he's got a roof over his head.

His recent purchase might also be the reason why he used real estate as an example when he explained to Darren Smith of XX Sports Radio why he wouldn't take a San Diego Discount. He had real estate on the brain at the time and a mortgage to pay for.

"In essence, if I take what you call a 'San Diego discount' then I'm affecting their market. I'm affecting what they are going to make. It's a lot like real estate."

It makes you wonder if he wasn't joking when he told Jacoby Ellsbury that he had a house available for him in San Diego:

"And my place is going to be open, so if you need a place to stay in San Diego, let me know," Gonzalez deadpanned to Ellsbury.

Everybody laughed and laughed but let's be honest he wasn't joking. After all we all know that Gonzalez is not funny and has zero personality.

Still one wonders why he would need 10 bathrooms? Maybe his bitter critics are right and he's full of sh_t.