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Adrian Gonzalez takes out a full page ad saying "Thank You" to San Diego

From the San Diego Union-Tribune
From the San Diego Union-Tribune

Like Trevor Hoffman before him

Adrian Gonzalez took out a full page ad thanking San Diego. For that we say "You're welcome."

My wife Betsy and I have been fortunate to call the San Diego area home - both during childhood and the past five seasons with the Padres.  While my baseball career continues on the "other" coast, family, friends, and Padres fans will remain close to our hearts.  It was a dream come true to play for the hometown team for five wonderful years.  It was a privilege to put on a uniform bearing "San Diego," and to live and work amidst so many wonderful people.  This is truly an amazing city.

Betsy and I will miss seeing so many of you on a regular basis.  You always raised our spirits and have a profoundly positive impact on our lives.  For this and so much more, we are grateful.

For now, I will refrain from saying goodbye; the Adrian & Betsy Gonzalez Foundation will continue to honor its commitment to helping area youth and we have every intention of doing our part to better this already great community.

Many thanks and God bless.