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Chris Denorfia is not yet 30, therefore he will be a Padre in 2011

OK so it's not a "firesale" per se.

It's more like a foreclosure. We bought something we thought we could afford and then we did all kinds of cool fancy stuff to it to make it look all modern and desirable. And then suddenly we realized that we were on an ARM as opposed to a fixed rate and now we're getting foreclosed and all those cool little older bits that we made awesome are going to the neighbors and the bank.

Except for Chris Denorfia.

Chris Denorfia is technically not 30 years old yet just turned 30 so he was spared the knife. Jed Hoyer is young and he wants youngies around him. Are you old? You're probably not going to be a Padre next year. Do you remind Jed of something old? Maybe not a Padre.

Are you young and dynamic? You're here another year. 

You know what this reminds me of?

Damn straight. Menudo, bitches.