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Adrian Gonzalez says he won't take a San Diego discount in order to protect the market for other players

XX Sports Radio: Adrian Gonzalez Interview (MP3) with Scott and BR

  • Adrian had his labrum repaired two weeks ago. He will start shoulder surgery rehab on Wednesday. He won't be able to swing a bat for 4 or 5 months.
  • His shoulder bothered him all season. He stopped trying to hit home runs because of the shoulder pain.
  • Adrian doesn't like to get caught up in trade rumors. He likes to go with the flow and he plans to start the season with the Padres. "I don't have to feel anything. I just have to listen to what they [the Padres] say. They do what they do. If they don't say anything then I'm a Padre. Know what I mean?"
  • "I would say it was very disappointing the way it came down at the end. The way we pretty much gave it away. I firmly believe we could have done what the Giants did, because we were pretty much the same team. The only difference is that they had more experience."
  • "I wouldn't say we blew it, it's baseball and things happen. I firmly believe if Jed does his magic again we could be in the same position next year."
  • It will be hard for the Padres to recapture the same magic. It will be hard for the Giants to repeat what they did as well.
  • Adrian told his agent that he wants to sign a market value contract not just for himself but for younger players. Other players set the market for him and he will be setting the market for others.
    "In essence, if I take what you call a 'San Diego discount' then I'm affecting their market. I'm affecting what they are going to make. It's a lot like real estate."
    "That's the reason why. The way the game of baseball is set up, we have to protect each other. We have to do what's best for each other."
  • Adrian follows the Chargers every day, but he hasn't gone to games because if he's on his feet too long his shoulder starts to ache.