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Padres can't match Adrian Gonzalez's salary expectations; Mets GM Alderson will make DePodesta appealing offer

XX Sports Radio: Jed Hoyer Interview (MP3) with Darren Smith

  • Hoyer is starting to have meaningful discussions, "things will start happening very soon".
  • MLB changed all the significant off season dates, which forces teams to make decisions quicker.  Hoyer thinks it is great thing for everybody since there will be more early signings and less guys hanging during Spring Training.
  • Hoyer was not surprised by Jon Garland or Yorvit Torrealba becoming free agents. Hoyer talked to both of their agents.  "It was pretty clear they had good seasons and wanted to test the market. They feel like that was their best option.  It didn't surprise me.  It's their right."  They were willing to walk away from the one year option they had with the Padres.
  •  The Padres will certainly continue to talk to Chris Young about coming back.
  • As for picking up Adrian Gonzalez's option. "Adrian's decision was probably the easiest in baseball."
  • The Padres had a one year mutual option with Jon Garland for $6.75 million.  He was looking for a multiple year deal in free agency.  Hoyer does have interest in possibly signing him if he doesn't get a better offer from another team. They'll continue to talk.
  • The Padres spend a lot of time putting together their wish list in free agency, but other teams can offer players more money so they can very easily lose them.  "We're always going to be active late and always looking for bargains late, but that doesn't mean you don't want to be aggressive and have guys you target early on."  Last year they made significant signings late in the winter.
  • Matt Stairs is a possibility next year.  He struggled in the first half but in the second half he was very good.  Buddy Black did a great job of putting him in at the right time.  The Padres will talk to him.
  • Jed Hoyer has a better feel for the organization and personnel this year.
  • Pitching and defense is going to win in this ballpark.  The bench will be a big part of the team's success.
  • A lot of the Giants' acquisitions turned out well for them.  The story of the Giants was their homegrown pitching.
  • Hoyer talked to Young for a long time the other day.  They may have to get "creative" with his contract in order to figure it out.
  • Tim Stauffer earned a spot in next years rotation.  "I don't see any reason why we wouldn't let him do it again."
  • Hoyer isn't sure if Corey Luebke will be a 5th starter or in AAA.  He needs some more experience and seasoning.
  • Hoyer met with Adrian Gonzalez's agent yesterday and talked through his contract situation. 
    "I guess to sum it up, nothing has really changed since we sat down last year and nor did I expect it to.  I think that Adrian went out and had another terrific season.  I think at this point with a year away from free agency I think Adrian's desire is to go out after a franchise player type contract.  That's his right and I certainly don't begrudge him at all. He is pretty close to free agency and that's something he wants to explore.  At this point it's a near certainty that he at least explores free agency.  I think that's what I expected before going to lunch and that was confirmed."

    The San Diego Discount was not discussed.  His agent was talking about a Mark Teixeira type contract and the Padres are not one of the teams that can afford that.  "Based on our conversation yesterday, what we could do and where they were looking weren't really matching up." 
  • Adrian will most likely start the season at first base and hit in the 3rd spot.  They will continue to listen to trade offers.  The trade would have to make sense for the Padres.  He thinks Adrian will be a Padre in 2011.
  • Hoyer thinks Heath Bell will get a substantial raise in arbitration that he deserves.  They will continue to listen to trade offers if it makes sense for the Padres future.  Hoyer won't compare Adrian and Bell.
  • Hoyer thinks Mike Adams and Luke Gregerson could be closers.  Ryan Webb might be able to do it with more experience.
  • Hoyer has similar thoughts on Kyle Blanks and Everth Cabrera.  They both were injury prone and had ineffective seasons.  They both will be considered as depth rather than in starting roles.
  • The team will look very familiar next year.
  • Though many people focus on offense, Hoyer is focused on the rotation.
  • Mat Latos, Tim Stauffer and Clayton Richard are the only guys that can be penciled in right now.
  • Sandy Alderson asked permission to talk to Paul DePodesta.  Hoyer is sure that Alderson will make an appealing offer to DePodesta.  Hoyer hopes that DePo will stay, but he wants to give him the space to make the decision.