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Gaslamp Ball Dream Diary

From time to time I'll have dreams that relate to the Padres.  I find it necessary to document them just in case they foretell the future or someone else is able to find meaning in them.  I do not write these down so that you can tell me about your dreams.  Nobody cares about your dreams or your fantasy teams for that matter.  They're not real.  People do care about my dreams, they care about them very much. 

What you are about to read is an actual dream:

I had a dream that I saw Heath Bell murder someone. 

Heath Bell and his assistant were in my backyard.  I see his assistant talking to some guy in a business suit.  Moments later Bell is up on the roof with the business guy and throws him off.  I see his lifeless body laying there covered in blood.

Then Bell comes down off the roof and stabs his assistant with a pencil in the neck.  Am I next?  Is he trying kill all the witnesses?

Suddenly the business man that was thrown from the roof earlier, shows up with his lawyer and a small black cup of salsa from Rubio's in his hand.  He explains that it was a set up, a sting operation and that he didn't really die.  The blood wasn't real, it was salsa.  He wanted to prove that Bell would attempt to murder him. 

Nobody seemed to care that the assistant was stabbed in the neck with a pencil.

What does this mean?