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Around the Mission: Thanksgiving Day Padres Links

  • Perpetual Padres Saga: Happy Thanksgiving!
    "Dear Gaslamp Ball (Dex, Jbox and GLBers), Thank you everyone for the endless hilarious-ness (Is that even a word?). I think I joined your game thread only three times but I'll do my best to join the chats next year. I've met few GLBers in person (You know who you are.) and I'm so glad I did. We need to go to Padres games in the future. Last but not least, thank you Dex and Jbox for linking my blog in "Around the Mission" posts whenever I write something new. You guys always make this girl happy when my blog is in those posts. I love Gaslamp Ball."

  • Unfinished Business: Happy Thanksgiving!
    "It's been so much fun to meet some of you and cheer on the Padres together. Hyun Young, John, the guys at Gaslamp Ball and RJ's Fro, Steve, keep up the great work. I am honored to be a part of such a strong core of Padres bloggers."

  • The Official Blog of Matt Antonelli: HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
    "The second video is me answering some questions I received on Twitter. You can write to me at I figured I could kill two birds with one stone and answer them while I drove to my workout. I survived without receiving any tickets or hitting any innocent bystanders, so that's a positive. Anyways, once again I hope everyone had a great day and enjoy the long weekend."
  • Padres Offseason Primer with Joe Sheehan
    "Sports Illustrated’s Joe Sheehan joins 619 Sports to look at all angles of the Padres’ offseason. When he last joined us, Joe accurately predicted the Padres’ second half moves and how their efforts would eventually come up short. What’s the most important move the Padres can make this offseason? Why is the Maybin trade the right type of trade for the Padres to make? These questions and more in an interview every Padres fan should listen to!"
  • THE KEPT FAITH: The Return of Hoffman?
    "But, I'm just gonna go ahead and say it, I want Trevor Hoffman back. And I want Heath Bell traded before February, not July."

  • I Am Thankful For… | Chicken Friars | A San Diego Padres Blog
    "Just looking back through the season and to this point, let’s look at what the San Diego Padres are thankful for"

  • Padres' contributions go beyond SU2C | News
    The Padres were the first Major League team to partner with Stand Up To Cancer, but their charitable efforts extended to military families and beyond.

  • A Major League Thanks for One and All -- MLB FanHouse
    San Diego Padres: Be thankful for Mat Latos, who could be the Josh Johnson of 2011.

  • Miguel Tejada Reportedly Drawing Interest From Padres, Cardinals, Giants -- MLB FanHouse
    Miguel Tejada may be approaching the twilight of his career at the age of 37, but he's still generating some interest on this year's free agent market. According to ESPN Deportes, the Cardinals, Giants, and Padres have all expressed interest in Tejada, either as a shortstop or a third baseman.

  • Avenging Jack Murphy: Giving Thanks...
    "AJM is thankful that the Padres made the season interesting all the way until game 162. It was a disappointing way for the year to end but the season was a heckuva lot of fun."